Republic of China

Warlords and Revolutionaries

East Asia 1914.0728

Republic of China

The Xinhai Revolution, World War I in Asia, the Warlord Era in China, the Russian Revolution and the Siberian Intervention (28 July 1914)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

The Chinese revolutionary leader Sun Yatsen declared a republic in January 1912, but to avoid bloodshed he came to a compromise with the military, accepting Yuan Shikai as provisional president. However Yuan soon began acting more and more dictatorial, cracking down on Sun's Nationalist Party (the Kuomintang). In 1913, Sun attempted to launch another revolution but was forced to flee to Japan.

Main Events

Mongolian Revolution

Republic of China declared in Nanjing, with Sun Yatsen as Provisional President

Tannu Uriankhai requests Russian protection

Inauguration of Yuan Shikai as provisional President

Yuan Shikai, commander of the Beiyang Army, is inaugurated as provisional President of Republic of China, replacing Sun Yatsen. This action is a compromise to avoid civil war in the wake of the Xinhai Revolution, as Sun Yatsen's Kuomintang only control southern China and they need Yuan's support to end the Qing Dynasty. It leads to the capital of the Republic being moved from the Kuomintang power center of Nanjing to the old imperial capital of Beijing where Yuan resides.

Tibetan Independence

After the disintegration of Qing power in Lhasa in the wake of the Chinese Revolution of 1911-1912, the Kingdom of Tibet declares its independence from the newly formed Republic of China.

Second Revolution in China

Seven southern provinces rebel against Yuan Shikai, President of the Republic of China, and in support of Sun Yatsen's Kuomintang, beginning the Second Revolution. However Yuan defeats the leading Kuomintang military force of Jiangxi province in early August, capturing the southern capital of Nanjing on 1 September. Sun and other instigators of the rebellion flee to Japan.

Outbreak of World War I

The Austro-Hungarian Empire declares war on the Kingdom of Serbia, in response to Serbia's rejection of Austria-Hungary's July Ultimatum. In the following days, Russia, Germany, France, and Britain will enter the conflict, resulting in the First World War.

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