NATO and the Two Germanys

Soviet Superpower

Russia 1949.1008

NATO and the Two Germanys

The Cold War from the Soviet Union's view (8 October 1949)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

On April 4, the United States and its European allies formed the NATO alliance to counter the Soviet Union. On May 12, the Soviets ended the Berlin blockade. Eleven days later, the western occupation zone of Germany became an independent republic. The Soviet-occupied east followed suit in October.

Meanwhile, two other pivotal events occurred: the Soviet Union tested its first nuclear weapon in August, and the Communists won the Chinese Civil War.

Main Events

Republic of Korea established

Republic of Korea succeeds US military government in South Korea

Democratic People's Republic of Korea proclaimed

North Korea proclaims independence as Democratic People's Republic of Korea

North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington (formation of NATO)

Creation of German Federal Republic with capital at Bonn

Soviets test first nuclear device

Soviet Union conducts it first nuclear weapon test at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR

People's Republic of China proclaimed

Chinese Communists proclaim People's Republic of China in Beijing

Democratic Republic of Germany established

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