Soviet Post-War Power

The Great Patriotic War: Germany at Bay

Russia 1945.1121

Soviet Post-War Power

World War II: The Eastern Front from Stalingrad to the fall of Berlin (21 November 1945)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

In the aftermath of World War II, Soviet occupied territory stretched from central and eastern Europe to northern China, North Korea, and the Kurile Islands. However, its population and economy had been devastated by the war and it was surrounded on all sides by an increasingly hostile alliance led by the United States, the world's only nuclear power.

Main Events

Division of Korea

Soviets accept US proposal of a temporary division of Korea along 38th parallel

Kuril Landing Operation

Soviet Union invades the Kuril Islands

US Forces arrive in Tokyo

Beginning of occupation of Japan

Nuremberg Trials prosecute former Nazi leadership for war crimes

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