Battle of Stalingrad

The Great Patriotic War: Germany Invades

Russia 1942.1214

Battle of Stalingrad

World War II: The Eastern Front from Operation Barbarossa to Stalingrad (14 December 1942)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

The German attack on Stalingrad had begun in July 1942, but became bogged down. Then, in November, the Soviets launched a huge pincer attack, surrounding the German forces fighting in the city. Cut off from all help, the trapped Germans held on grimly until February when they finally surrendered.

Main Events

Second Battle of El Alamein

The British Eighth Army under General Bernard Montgomery launches an all-out attack on Axis forces west of El Alamein, Egypt. After several days of heated battle, the Allies mount Operation Supercharge early on the morning of 2 November, breaking through the Italo-German defences and sending them into flight. However, despite suffering up to 59,000 casualties to the Allies' 13,560, the Axis manage an orderly retreat under Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Case Anton

Germany occupies Vichy France

Operation Uranus

Soviet offensive isolates German Sixth Army at Stalingrad

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