Fall of the Ukraine

The Great Patriotic War: Germany Invades

Russia 1941.0901

Fall of the Ukraine

World War II: The Eastern Front from Operation Barbarossa to Stalingrad (1 September 1941)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

At the end of July, Hitler decided to halt the German advance on Moscow and seize the industry and resource rich Ukraine. In a ten day battle at Kiev, the Germans captured half a million Soviet troops.

Meanwhile, far to the south, Britain and the Soviet Union joined forces to occupy Iran and secure the overland supply route from the Persian Gulf.

Main Events

Hitler halts drive on Moscow in favor of attack on Ukraine

Battle of Kiev

Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran

In Operation Countenance, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union launch a surprise attack on the Imperial State of Iran, after Reza Shah refuses to expel German nationals. The British occupy the south including the oil wells of Ahvaz and advance from Iraq to Hamadan, while the Soviets invade the north, capturing Tabriz and Qazvin. With his army unable to halt the invaders, the Shah concedes defeat and a ceasefire is arranged on 29 August. The Soviets enter Tehran on 17 September, beginning the joint Anglo-Soviet occupation of Iran.

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