"Green" Revolts

The Russian Civil War: The Green Phase

Russia 1921.0201

"Green" Revolts

The Russian Civil War: The Bolsheviks against the Green Movement, Anarchists, and Japanese intervention (1 February 1921)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

On November 15, 1920, the remaining White forces in the west evacuated the Crimea. This marked a new phase in the Civil War as the alliance between the Bolsheviks and the other left wing parties collapsed. Many peasants, sailors, anarchists, and Social Revolutionaries now rose up against Communist oppression.

Main Events

Antonov's revolt against Soviet Russia in the Tambov region begins

Overthrow of the Emirate of Bukhara

Red Army troops from Soviet Russia, led by Mikhail Frunze, attack Bukhara, capital of the Emirate of Bukhara, with the support of Young Bukharan activists. On 31 August, Emir Alim Khan flees to Dushanbe in eastern Bukhara, where a rival Emirate is set up. The Emir's citadel in Bukhara falls to the Red Army two days later, leading to the proclamation of the Bukharan People's Soviet Republic the following month.

Soviet Russia
recognizes Finnish

White Russian leader Wrangel flees Crimea

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic

The Soviet Eleventh Army invades Armenia, declaring the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. The Armenian government, currently negotiating peace with Turkey, falls 5 days later when the Red Army reaches Yerevan.

Far Eastern Republic cedes Kamchatka to Soviet Russia

Peasant Union revolts against Soviet Russia in the Ekaterinburg-Kulunda Steppes and Ob region

Makhnovist operations
expand across Ukraine
and southern Russia

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