Nikolayevsk Incident

The Russian Civil War: The White Phase

Russia 1920.0403

Nikolayevsk Incident

The Russian Civil War: The Bolsheviks against the White Movement (3 April 1920)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

In January and February, communist partisans and their supporters overthrew the whites across the Russian Far East. However, this was a region that had fallen under Japanese military influence during the Allied Intervention. Initially the outnumbered Japanese garrisons accepted the new situation, but soon tensions led to conflict. On March 12, Japanese troops in Nikolayevsk attempted a surprise attack. The attack failed and a general massacre of the Japanese in the city ensued.

Main Events

Overthrow of the Khanate of Khiva

Invading Soviet forces, anti-monarchists, and Turkmen tribesmen force the abdication of Sayid Abdullah, last Kungrad khan of the Khanate of Khiva. In the place of the Khanate, the Khorezm People's Soviet Republic is declared.

Treaty of Tartu between Soviet Union and Estonia

Soviet Union recognizes Estonia's independence

Admiral Kolchak executed by Bolshevik firing squad in Irkutsk

Provisional Government of Pribaikalia declared at Verkhneudinsk in Russian Far East.

Nikolayevsk Incident

Japanese troops in Nikolayevsk, Russian Far East, fail in a surprise attack against communist partisans, leading to a general massacre of the Japanese in the city

Soviets capture Murmansk

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