Whites in Retreat

The Russian Civil War: The White Phase

Russia 1919.1101

Whites in Retreat

The Russian Civil War: The Bolsheviks against the White Movement (1 November 1919)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

Uprisings behind Denikin's stretched lines, especially by Nestor Makhno's anarchists, brought an end to the White advance in the south. In October, the Soviets both defeated Denikin at Orel and broke through Kolchak's lines east of Tobolsk. By early November, Yudenich's attack on Petrograd had also been beaten back.

Main Events

Soviets link Orenburg with Tashkent

Nestor Makhno's Black Army overthrows Whites in southern Ukraine

Allies evacuate Murmansk

Nikolai Yudenich's offensive stalls outside Petrograd

Soviets defeat White advance on Moscow at Battle of Orel

Soviets capture Tobolsk

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