Chinese Revolution

Late Tsarist Russia

Russia 1912.0901

Chinese Revolution

Late Tsarist Russia (1 September 1912)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

In early 1912, the weak and corrupt government of the Chinese Empire was overthrown and a republic declared. However, the new republic was unable to stop China's collapse. In the north, Russia took interest as Tuva and Mongolia broke away.

Main Events

Anglo-Russian Entente

The United Kingdom and the Russian Empire sign the Anglo-Russian Entente in St Petersburg, clarifying their respective influences in south-central Asia. Persia is divided into spheres of influence, with a Russian sphere in the north, a British sphere in the southeast, and a neutral zone in between. Afghanistan is recognized as under British influence and both countries agree not to interfere in Tibet.

Outer Mongolia declares independence

Boy emperor Pu Yi abdicates, bringing an end to both Qing Dynasty rule and the Chinese Empire

Tannu Uriankhai requests Russian protection

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