Contra War

American Superpower

North America 1983.1026

Contra War

America in World War II, the Cold War and today (26 October 1983)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In 1979, left-wing Sandinista forces [[WNicaraguan_Revolution|overthrew the government in Nicaragua]], with a similar revolution threatening to topple the junta in El Salvador a little over a year later. Fearing the spread of communism in Central America, the US stepped in, supporting the brutal government of El Salvador and secretly backing counter-revolutionary forces (or Contras) in Nicaragua. While these wars were raging, a pro-Cuban faction seized power in Grenada. With the support of a number of Caribbean nations, the US promptly invaded, restoring stability and democracy to the small nation.

Main Events

Soviet Union begins invasion of Afghanistan in support of its Marxist government

Salvadoran Civil War begins

Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) launched an insurrection against the government of El Salvador.

Belize independent

The United Kingdom recognized the independence of Belize, but retained about 1500 British troops in the new nation as a deterrent to Guatemala, which claimed sovereignty over the country.

Antigua & Barbuda independent

Antigua and Barbuda gained independence from United Kingdom and join Commonwealth of Nations

US begins supporting Contras

United States President Ronald Reagan signed National Security Directive 17, authorizing covert support to anti-Sandinista (Contra) forces in Nicaragua.

St Kitts & Nevis independent

British associated state of Saint Christopher and Nevis became independent as Federation of Saints Kitts and Nevis

US occupies Grenada

United States-led forces invaded and occupied Grenada, deposing the ruling People's Revolutionary Government.

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