Nicaragua and Venezuela Crises

Closing the Frontier

North America 1895.0514

Nicaragua and Venezuela Crises

The end of the French Intervention in Mexico, Reconstruction, the foundation of Canada, the Indian Wars and the westward expansion of the United States (14 May 1895)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In 1894, Nicaragua annexed the Mosquito Reserve, violating a previous treaty with Great Britain. In response, the British occupied Corinto in an attempt to pressure Nicaragua to pay an indemnity. Meanwhile, Britain was also confronting Venezuela over its border with Guiana. Both disputes angered the United States, which insisted on its right to act as arbitrator under the Monroe Doctrine, and eventually the British backed down.

Main Events

Nicaragua annexes Mosquito Reserve

In the summer of 1984, Nicaragua announced its intention to annex the Mosquito Reserve. The Miskito people protested and appealed for British protection, receiving some from the United States, but Nicaragua moved in as soon as the Americans left.

Venezuela Crisis

The United States pressured Great Britain to accept arbitration in its border dispute with Venezuela.

Cuban War of Independence

Cuba began its war of independence against Spain.

British occupy Corinto

British marines occupied Corinto, Nicaragua, in response to Nicaragua's refusal to pay an indemnity for the Mosquito annexation.

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