Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 12 Apr 1885 (Closing the Frontier: North-West Rebellion), showing the following events: Guatemala-Mexico border treaty; Geronimo hunted down; Riel's rebellion begins; Cree loot Battleford; North-West Rebellion crushed.

North-West Rebellion

Closing the Frontier

North America 1885.0412

North-West Rebellion

The end of the French Intervention in Mexico, Reconstruction, the foundation of Canada, the Indian Wars and the westward expansion of the United States (12 April 1885)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In the Canadian northwest, tensions between the mixed ancestry Métis and the encroaching government led to a rebellion under Louis Riel in Saskatchewan district. The rebels initial successes encouraged the neighboring Cree to join the revolt, but government forces ultimately prevailed and Riel, who had also led the 1869 Red River Rebellion, was tried and executed.

Main Events

Guatemala-Mexico border treaty

Guatemala and Mexico signed a final boundary treaty after United States arbitration.

Geronimo hunted down

The Sierra Madre Expedition under US General George Crook tracked down Geronimo in northern Mexico and negotiated his surrender at Canyon de los Embudos.

Riel's rebellion begins

Louis Riel proclaimed himself president of the Provisional Government of Saskatchewan, starting a Métis rebellion against government of Canada.

Cree loot Battleford

Cree under Poundmaker and Big Bear attacked Battleford, Saskatchewan, and besieged its fort, beginning a general revolt.

North-West Rebellion crushed

After initial defeats, Canadian authorities mobilized and crushed the North-West Rebellion.

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