Political map of North America & the Caribbean on 20 Nov 1863 (American Civil War: Dominican Restoration War), showing the following events: Second Mexican Empire; New York draft riots; Long Walk of the Navajo; Santo Domingo revolts; Chattanooga Campaign; Gettysburg Address.

Dominican Restoration War

American Civil War

North America 1863.112

Dominican Restoration War

American Civil War, French intervention in Mexico, Dominican Restoration War (20 November 1863)

Historical Map of North America & the Caribbean

In 1861, facing bankruptcy and a potential Haitian invasion, the government of the Dominican Republic had requested re-annexation by Spain. However, Spanish rule was never universally accepted, ultimately leading to a full-scale rebellion by Dominican nationalists. Unable to prevail, the Spanish withdrew in 1865, restoring the Republic's independence.

Main Events

Second Mexican Empire

The French-appointed Superior Junta proclaimed a Catholic Empire in Mexico.

New York draft riots

Riots in New York City broke out in response to the Union introduction of conscription.

Long Walk of the Navajo

Union forces under Kit Carson used scorched earth policy to pressure the Navajo to surrender and relocate to the Bosque Redondo.

Santo Domingo revolts

Dominican rebels raided their Spanish-occupied capital of Santo Domingo, raising the Dominican flag on Capotillo hill, triggering Dominican Restoration War.

Chattanooga Campaign

With the Mississippi taken, Union forces now moved to cut off Confederate railroads. To this end, they fought Confederate forces around the major rail hub of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Confederates were nearly cleared out of Tennessee, and the Union was ready to strike south into Georgia.

Gettysburg Address

United States President Abraham Lincoln delivered his historic speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, notably using the term "nation" rather than "union" to describe the United States.

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