Kolchak's All-Russian Government

The Russian Civil War: The White Phase

Russia 1918.1201

Kolchak's All-Russian Government

The Russian Civil War: The Bolsheviks against the White Movement (1 December 1918)

Historical Map of Russia & the former Soviet Union

In September, the anti-Soviet forces had attempted to unite under the Provisional All-Russian Government (PA-RG). This attempt failed due to conflict between the left-wing Social Revolutionaries and the right-wing Whites. On November 18, the Whites overthrew the PA-RG. The Minister of War, Admiral Kolchak, became Supreme Ruler. Kolchak's military dictatorship would prove to be stronger and more ruthless than the old PA-RG. However, he still depended a great deal on the Allies and never completely controlled the many Russian factions.

Main Events

Occupation of Constantinople

The first French troops arrive in the Ottoman capital of Constantinople, followed by the British the next day. The Allies divide the city into occupation zones, setting up a military administration in December. Italian and Greek forces will arrive later. The Allied occupation marks the first time Constantinople has changed hands since the original Ottoman conquest in 1453.

Annulment of Brest-Litovsk

Following the German capitulation, the Bolshevik legislature of Soviet Russia annuls the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Although this theoretically revokes Soviet recognition of the independence of Finland, Poland, the Baltic states, and Ukraine, most of this area is either still under German occupation or de facto independent.

Kolchak elected Supreme Ruler of White Movement and officially disbands Provisional All-Russian Government

Allies land in Odessa

Kolchak abolishes Committee of Members of Constituent Assembly (Komuch)

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