Northern Mexican Theater

Manifest Destiny

North America 1846.1119

Northern Mexican Theater

Mexican-American War, Oregon dispute (19 November 1846)

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In contrast to the swift conquest of the west, the much larger US campaign in northern Mexico was being slowed by disease, bitter urban warfare and substantial Mexican resistance. Eventually, though, US forces began to prevail, capturing Monterrey and a string of northern cities.

Main Events

Battle of Monterrey

The United States Army of Occupation under General Zachary Taylor attacked the Mexican Army of the North under General Pedro de Ampudia near the major city of Monterrey, in Nuevo León in the Mexican Republic. After 3 days fighting, the Mexicans agreed to surrender the city in return for a two-month armistice.

Siege of Los Angeles

A hundred and fifty Californios under Mexican Officer Jose Maria Flores appeared and besieged United States forces in Los Angeles under Archibald H. Gillespie. Lacking water, Gillespie's men agreed to surrender by 29 September. The town was recaptured by US forces in January 1847.

First Battle of Tabasco

United States naval forces led by Commodore Matthew C. Perry captured Frontera, Tabasco (in the Mexican Republic), moving upriver to briefly capture Villahermosa.

Occupation of Tampico

United States naval forces under Commodore David Conner occupied Tampico, Mexican Republic, without a fight - the Mexican garrison having withdrawn a month earlier.

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