Political map of North America & the Caribbean 8 March 1941 (Lend-Lease): When the Second World War broke out in Europe, the United States' improved relations with its neighbors (Good Neighbor Policy) allowed it to push for a Pan-American Security Zone to protect American shipping, a policy which favored the Allies (Allies of World War II), who depended on open sea lanes. When Germany conquered France (Second Armistice at Compiegne) soon into the War, the still-neutral US moved to support Britain, but at a price: in return for 50 aging destroyers, the British agreed to lease the US bases from Guiana to Newfoundland (Destroyers for Bases Agreement). However, this Destroyers for Bases deal opened the way for the far more generous Lend-Lease policy, in which the US supplied the Allies with materiel for the duration of the War.