Political map of Australia, New Zealand & the Southwest Pacific 10 November 1868 (‘Hauhau’ Wars): After the British victory in the Waikato in 1864 (Invasion of the Waikato), King Tāwhiao withdrew south—where he would hold out in the ‘King Country’ until the 1880s—and British troops departed New Zealand, leaving remaining operations to the NZ colonial government. When the government attempted to confiscate lands (New Zealand land confiscations) from tribes it accused of supporting the King (Māori King Movement), Māori resistance revived under prophet-leaders like Tītokowaru and Te Kooti. The government called these resisters ‘Hauhau’ after a syncretic religion many of them adopted (Pai Mārire), defeating them with the aid of Māori allies (Kūpapa) by 1872.