Political map of Australia, New Zealand & the Southwest Pacific 28 April 1789 (Mutiny on the Bounty): Even as the British were establishing the Colony of New South Wales, Western nations were beginning their first serious commercial ventures into the South Pacific (Oceania). While on an expedition to transplant breadfruit from Tahiti to the West Indies, British Captain William Bligh was overthrown in a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian—who preferred life in the Pacific islands—and his ship, HMS Bounty, was seized (Mutiny on the Bounty). Cast adrift in a longboat, Bligh and his loyalists managed to row to the Dutch East Indies (Dutch East India Company) and eventually organize an expedition to hunt down the mutineers (HMS Pandora (1779)). Most were found and arrested in Tahiti in 1791, but a few, who had chosen to found their own settlement in remote Pitcairn Island (Pitcairn Islanders), would remain undiscovered until 1808.