Political map of East Asia and the Western Pacific 30 May 1925 (Shanghai Incident): Feng Yuxiang (Feng Yuxiang)'s Guominjun (Guominjun) and his Fengtian (Fengtian clique) allies divided northern China between them, setting up former leader Duan Qirui (Duan Qirui) as their puppet president of China. To the anger of the Chinese people, the foreign powers recognized this new regime over Sun Yatsen (Sun Yat-sen)'s populist Kuomintang (Kuomintang) in the south. Public resentment only increased with Sun Yatsen's death just a few months later. Matters came to a head when the foreign-run municipal police opened fire on protesters in Shanghai, sparking anti-foreign riots across China (May Thirtieth Movement).