February 2020 Poll

Scramble for Africa has won Omniatlas’ February poll on Patreon!

February 2020 Omniatlas poll: Scramble for Africa wins

Scramble for Africa has won Omniatlas’ February poll on Patreon!

Voting is now closed. Thank you everybody for voting! I’ll start releasing maps of Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to Iron Tier members on 17 March 2020. The maps will start reaching the public on 14 April 2020.

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Hi everybody—welcome to the February 2020 Omniatlas poll!

Omniatlas holds regular polls on Patreon to determine which maps to do next.

Anybody who is a Patron of Omniatlas can vote in these polls.

Conquistadors & Privateers, Incas & Pizarro, South American Independence, Scramble for Africa

The votes in this poll will choose which map series follows the current run of Age of Discovery maps (released every Friday). The options are:

  • North America: 16th century (formation of the Spanish Main)
  • South America: 15th–16th century (Inca Empire and the Spanish conquest)
  • South America: 19th century (South American independence and after)
  • Northern Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa: 19th–early 20th century (European conquest of Africa)

Choose to have the maps continue on with the Age of Exploration in North America, as the Spanish conquistadors consolidate their New World empire in the face of growing opposition from their European rivals! Or do you want to head south to South America to watch the expansion of the Inca Empire, before it too faces its own Spanish conquistadors? Or zoom ahead in time to the 19th century to witness the collapse of the Spanish Empire in South America or the European Scramble for Africa?

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You can vote for one or more of these options on Patreon by pressing the button below

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or going to https://www.patreon.com/posts/34286773.

Polling will be open for one week, closing at 9 a.m. on 2 March 2020 (GMT).

Voting is now closed. Scramble for Africa has won!