Omniatlas on BBC: The changing face of Europe

by Rick Westera |

...the maps are detailed, wide-ranging and accurate. They also look great. Each map contains a wealth of information and stories, so to have such a wide range of topics covered is a fantastic resource. I chose to use the maps in a BBC video because they are a very clear way to show changing borders in Europe and there were so many dates available through history. It was the biggest and clearest range of maps I could find.

- Claire Read, BBC

The BBC is making use of Omniatlas maps to show the changing face of Europe over the past 150 years in a video dealing with the impact of Catalonia's bid for independence.

Omniatlas is proud to be featured on the BBC. I personally have had a sentimental attachment to the BBC since childhood, when my Dutch grandparents recounted stories of life in Nazi-occupied Holland and how they had to secretly tap into the BBC for reliable news on the outside world. Now the BBC is using Omniatlas maps to sweep through this and other moments in European history as a backdrop to events unfolding today.

Watch the online video here: