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Become a Patron and help support the continued growth of Omniatlas. Gain early access to maps, help choose which maps are done next, and receive many other benefits as Omniatlas expands.

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Current Patreon tiers and benefits

  Stone Tier Stone Tier US$1/mo
  • No ads!
  • Enable terrain reliefs in maps!
  • View exclusive maps!
  • Vote for new maps in polls!
  • View 2 maps in advance!
  Bronze Tier Bronze Tier US$2/mo
  • All the benefits of Stone Tier PLUS
  • Pop-up map events with images!
  • View 2 more maps in advance! (4 in total)
  Iron Tier Iron Tier US$5/mo
  • All the benefits of Bronze Tier PLUS
  • Enable advanced overlays in maps!
  • Vote in preliminary polls!
  • View 4 more maps in advance! (8 in total)
  Classical Tier Classical Tier US$10/mo
  • All the benefits of Iron Tier PLUS
  • In-depth, behind the scenes maps and notes! (2 PDFs/mo)
  • You get credited in upcoming videos! (while a tier member)
  Feudal Tier Feudal Tier US$20/mo
  • All the benefits of Classical Tier PLUS
  • Submit questions for the Q&A videos!
  • You get credited as a contributor on the website! (while a tier member)
  Renaissance Tier Renaissance Tier US$50/mo
  • All the benefits of Feudal Tier PLUS
  • Early access to new features as they arrive!
  • At the beginning of each month, choose any one map from the website for a deluxe, personally-made, hi-res digital download!

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