Year of Revolution Begins

The Springtime of Peoples

Europe 1848.0224

Year of Revolution Begins

The Year of Revolution, the Revolutions of 1848-1849, the Hungarian Revolution, the First Italian War of Unification and the First Schleswig War (24 February 1848)

Historical Map of Europe and the Mediterranean

By 1848, Europe was already experiencing considerable social tension, in good part due to the rise of industrialization but also because of the European potato famine, both of which led to a migration of the poor to the cities. At the same time, the continent was becoming ideologically divided between the conservative order, which was rigidly maintaining the borders and regimes set up in 1815, and the various proponents of change - nationalists, republicans, liberals and socialists. In January, Sicily revolted against rule by Naples, triggering a wave of unrest among the Italian states. The next month, an uprising in Paris overthrew King Louis Philippe and proclaimed the second French Republic. The Year of Revolution had begun.

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