Northeast Flag Replacement

China's Nanjing Decade

East Asia 1928.1229

Northeast Flag Replacement

The Northern Expedition, early Chinese Civil War, and Japanese incursions into China (29 December 1928)

Historical Map of East Asia & the Western Pacific

Japanese attempts to halt the Nationalist advance in China were thwarted when the warlord Yan Xishan unexpectedly seized Beijing on behalf of Chiang Kaishek's Nationalist government. The other warlords soon followed suit in recognizing the Nationalist regime in Nanjing, culminating in December with the Fengtian clique raising the Nationalist flag in the cities of the northeast. Once again China was united, albeit more as a coalition of warlords than a centralized state.

Main Events

Shanxi Warlord Yan Xishan takes Beijing from Fengtian clique on behalf of the Kuomintang

Japanese assassinate Fengtian clique leader Zhang Zuolin

Xinjiang warlord Yang Zengxin declares for Chinese Nationalist Government

Presidency of Chiang Kaishek

Following his visit to Beijing, Chiang Kaishek is named director of the State Council - the equivalent of President - of the Nationalist Government of China.

Fengtian clique leader Zhang Xueliang accepts Chinese Nationalist Government, symbolically reunifying China

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